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5 Graphic Design Services to Grow Your Business

Graphic Designers have the skills and knowledge to design marketing tools to help grow your business. Below are 5 examples of services that can help take your business to the next level.

Logo Design

A logo is a symbol which represents your business. It is how you are identified. It can be made up of text and images. The key is to keep your logo clean and simple. You want your logo to be translatable on any platform and medium that you publish it on. So keeping your logo simple allows you more flexibility with how you can use it, especially when the size of the logo needs to be significantly reduced. Most people run into problems with their logos when they are too detailed.

Corporate Identity

This is an important one. Your business should have a corporate identity - a guideline on what colours, fonts and elements make your business unique and recognisable. Everything you do should follow your corporate identity guidelines. This will ensure you keep consistent with your branding.

Business Cards

Often the first introduction to your business is through a business card. You are at a function and somebody needs a service that you offer! This is the perfect opportunity to hand them a business card with all the details they need - giving them their very first impression of your business.


Brochures are a great way to offer more information about your business and it's services all in one place. They are easy to display at key locations where they can be picked up by potential customers. It is important that your brochures are eye catching, offer the right information and are inline with your branding.


Banners are a great marketing tool to promote your business at events or in public places. Your business and its identity will be visible from a distance - either drawing potential customers in or creating brand awareness. Banners should be used to advertise brief, useful information, giving viewers a quick summary and feel of your business.

If your business doesn't have any of these marketing tools and you would like to get some designed, feel free to contact Marley Design for a free quote.


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